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Nicholas Mattiello vs. Michael Marcello on the 2nd Amendment

For those who support the 2nd Amendment, it doesn’t hurt to have a House Speaker who isn’t a gun control advocate. It’s only one issue, but an important one.

Former House Speaker Gordon Fox received a C rating from the National Rifle association. There is quite a disparity between the two representatives hoping to replace him. Michael Marcello received a D from the NRA, while Nicholas Mattiello received an A+. At least on this issue, Mattiello would be the preferable candidate.

The vultures are circling Smith Hill

Representative Nicholas Mattiello
Representative Nicholas Mattiello

Yesterday, House speaker Gordon Fox officially resigned as House Speaker. Of course, now those fighting to succeed him appear to be lining up support for a vote in the coming days.

The two front runners are Representatives Nicholas Mattiello and Michael Marcello. Both are trying to paint themselves as an agent for change, but I don’t see either one becoming the type of transformative figure who would change Rhode Island for the better. On the issues, I would tend to agree more with Mattiello, but there are some definite flaws there. First of all, he is part of a leadership team whose leader had his home and office raided by the FBI, IRS, and State Police. That certainly doesn’t mean Mattiello did anything wrong, and no one is saying he did, but still a clean break from the former leadership would be preferable.

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